Climate protection in Mülheim

MPI CEC joins in

The kick-off event for the Mülheim-based Citizen Science project "Public Dialogue Energy Turnaround and Climate Protection" began with a lively keynote speech by weather anchor Sven Plöger and an informative presentation by CEC-Director Robert Schlögl.

In his presentation, Plöger explained humans influence the climate and what effects the excessively high CO2 emissions have on the perceived weather situation. CEC-Director Schlögl substantiated with further scientific facts and declared the energy transition as a "process leading us to a sustainable energy system".

In the subsequent panel discussion, the citizens present had the opportunity to take part in the discussion by text message or in person. With this project, the city of Mülheim appeals to its citizens to actively engage themselves in the topic of climate change and to contribute their own ideas and suggestions in various workshops. The MPI CEC will supervise the "Energy" workshop and make its premises available.

As a conclusion of the discussion, the participants agreed that everyone is responsible and can make a contribution to the energy transition. According to CEC-Director Schlögl, many good measures have already been taken, but it has not yet been possible to combine them into a meaningful whole. A common global strategy is still lacking, even at political and economic level. Nor is it right to tackle the energy turnaround in one sector only, but must touch all sectors (e.g. also traffic, heat management) simultaneously. Schlögl appealed to politicians to take a systemic, holistic approach to the energy transition, not a sectoral one.

More information on the city's website and under the hashtag #MHklima.