Here you will find interesting lecture slides and presentations by our scientists as well as short films with and about researchers at the MPI CEC. You can also download our research reports and selected press articles.

Scientific Reports

Scientific Report 2020-2022 (.pdf 23MB)
Mülheim an der Ruhr, February 2023

Scientific Report 2017-2019 (.pdf 26MB)
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Juli 2020

Scientific Report 2014-2017 (pdf 4,5MB)
Mülheim an der Ruhr, März 2017

Scientific Report 2010-2013 (pdf 11,3MB)
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Februar 2014


Robert Schlögl: "How do we refuel our cars tomorrow?"
Talk at info day 'Synthetic Fuels - Options for Sustainable Mobility'
DECHEMA, March 27, 2019

Media coverage

As most of the articles are available in German only, you will find more selected articles on our German website.

A Greenhouse Gas to Fuel the Chemical Industry - Max Planck Research / June 2019
A report about research on CO2 as a raw material in the department of Walter Leitner in the magazine Max Planck Research.

On the age of computation in the epoch of humankind - / December 2018
In a white paper, Christoph Rosol, Benjamin Steininger, Jürgen Renn and Robert Schlögl outline the significance of digitalization in the Anthropocene and outline the background and goals of the new research field of geoanthropology.

Power-to-X for sustainable future - Elements | Evonik-Magazin / April 2018
Interview with Prof. Leitner in Evonik magazine Elements.

A rapid transition of the world’s energy systems - / December 2017
Jürgen Renn, Robert Schlögl, Christoph Rosol and Benjamin Steininger present a research initiative of the Max Planck Society on socio-technical aspects of energy transformation.

Video clips

MPI CEC Corporate Movie
The film provides an overview of the research focuses at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversision.

Walter Leitner: Power-to-X: Catalytic Synthesis using CO2 and H2 | Prix Franco-Allemand 2020
Award Symposium for the Victor Grignard-Georg Wittig Prix Franco-Allemand of the Société Chimique de France
Video Université Clermont Auvergne (youtube)  (5.11.2021)

Closed Carbon Cycles
Prof. Leitner, Falling Walls Finalist at the Falling Walls and Berlin Science Week: World Science Summit 2020
Video Falling Walls x Berlin Science Week (14.10.2020)

Video-Reihe "MyScience": Professor Walter Leitner
Zusammen mit Dr. Christoph Gürtler und Dr. Berit Stange von Covestro hat Prof. Leitner ein katalytisches Verfahren entwickelt, durch das CO2 in der Kunststoffproduktion nutzbar gemacht werden kann.
Video RWTH Aachen (youtube) (15.10.2019)