Welcome to the Max Planck Society's social media channels!

Do you have any questions, or would you like to discuss science topics with us and other users on the Max Planck Society's social media channels Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn? Our social media channels are a place for our followers to interact with us and each other. To ensure that this is as enjoyable an experience as possible, and for the consideration of all users, we have an online code of conduct, our netiquette. It is designed to ensure successful online communication and foster open dialogue.

  • Be respectful and professional
    Think before you post. Read, then respond. Be kind and professional - always remember that you are communicating with other human beings. We expect all users to treat others in a respectful manner in their communications. Criticism should always be constructive.

  • No discrimination
    We do not tolerate any form of discrimination regarding origin, gender, religion, disability, ideology, age or sexual identity. Comments containing racist, sexist or otherwise discriminating statements as well as insults and hate speech will be deleted immediately.

  • Take your posts seriously
    Please try to ensure the readability of your comments. Remember that errors diminish the credibility of your comments. Compose complete sentences, use punctuation marks, and try to spell correctly. Keep it short. Use upper and lower case letters – typing in all caps is generally perceived as yelling.

  • Stay on topic and respect privacy
    Completely off-topic content that adds nothing to the discussion, commercial, offensive, obscene, and/or youth-endangering posts as well as contributions that obviously infringe on copyrights will be removed. Please also take care to protect personal rights and not to publish your own personal data or personal data of others. Posts and comments that violate these guidelines will be removed without prior notice.

  • Refrain from mis- and disinformation
    We will not tolerate the use of our social media channels for the systematic dissemination of harmful and misleading information, incitement to hatred and hate propaganda, or for the dissemination of conspiracy theories. Users who use our platforms for the purpose of spreading anti-democratic views, hate speech, fraudulent content or deliberate misinformation will be blocked without prior warning and their contributions will be removed.

Thank you for adhering to these community standards. We are looking forward to an open and constructive dialogue!