Research at MPI CEC

Energy research across three departments

The science in the three departments is dedicated to energy research. Scientist are working closely together and also in collaborations with other scientific units towards new developments in catalytic science. The science in the three departments is focused on following topics: Inorganic Spectroscopy, Molecular Catalysis and Heterogeneous Reactions

The Inorganic Spectroscopy Department develops advanced X-ray spectroscopic tools, and applies them in order to understand the processes involved in chemical and biological catalysis.

The Molecular Catalysis Department focuses on fundamental research into technologies for using raw materials as the basis for chemical products and fuels. Here, the focus is on understanding the molecular principles of catalysis.

Since hydrogen is a universal chemical energy carrier in sustainable energy supply systems, the Department of Heterogeneous Reactions focuses especially on hydrogen production, transport and use.

Inorganic Spectroscopy
Prof. Serena DeBeer

Molecular Catalysis
Prof. Walter Leitner


Prof. Siegfried R. Waldvogel

Heterogeneous Reactions
Prof. Robert Schlögl (Emeritus)

Groups - Inorganic Spectroscopy
Groups - Molecular Catalysis
Groups - Electrosynthesis
Groups - Heterogeneous Reactions