Research at MPI CEC

Four departments

More Research Groups

Max Planck Research Groups

Excellent researchers have the opportunity to head a research group at the Max Planck Society. At the MPI CEC there are currently three Max Planck Research Group Leaders: Dr. George Cutsail III, Dr. Viktor Čolić and Dr. Christophe Werlé.

Max Planck Fellows

The Max Planck Fellows Program promotes the cooperation between outstanding university teachers and scientists of the Max Planck Society. Max Planck Fellows who currently lead a research group in collaboration with the MPI CEC are Prof. Dr. Martin Muhler (Ruhr University Bochum) and Prof. Dr. Regina Palkovits (RWTH Aachen University).

Joint Workspace

The MPI CEC and the MPI für Kohlenforschung have many overlapping research interests with respect to the design and analysis of catalytic reactions and the characterization of reactive chemical species. In order to strengthen collaboration in these areas the Joint Workspace (JWS) was created at Mülheim Chemistry Campus (MCC).