Joint Workspace

MPI CEC + MPI für Kohlenforschung

The MPI CEC and the MPI für Kohlenforschung have many overlapping research interests with respect to the design and analysis of catalytic reactions and the characterization of reactive chemical species. In order to elucidate the geometric and electronic structures of such species a host of modern analytical techniques are necessary. The Joint Workspace (JWS) constitutes a combined effort of the MPI CEC and the MPI für Kohlenforschung to realize the high-potential for synergy on the Mülheim chemistry campus (MCC).

This is realized in both institutes by giving the other institute access to their own analytic facilities that are largely complementary. Given that both institutes have different legal structures, this turned out to be a non-trivial undertaking that, however, has been tackled through the construction of the JWS. Through the JWS, both institutes exchange scientific infrastructure and analytic techniques in roughly equivalent amounts.

The activities of the JWS in the past evaluation period encompass the high-pressure laboratory at the MPI für Kohlenforschung, primarily used by the Leitner department and a number of spectroscopic facilities (Mößbauer, MCD, SQUID, resonance Raman) hosted at the MPI CEC and that are part of the department of Prof. Frank Neese.


Members - Joint Workspace


Group leader JWS

Dr. Daniel John SantaLucia

Group leader in the JWS

Dr. Dimitrios Manganas
Dr. Maurice van Gastel

PhD students

Tiago da Costa Gouveia
Rami Alo Mohamed Shafei

Research Assistant

Haowei Chen
Derya Demirbas
Anchisar Libuda


Ole Golten

Lab staff

Bernd Mienert