Carbon2Chem ®

The Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion is involved in the joint project Carbon2Chem ® , a large-scale initiative on climate protection with 17 partners from industry and science. The project aims at turning CO2 and other gases (Hüttengase) from steel mills into chemicals. Furthermore, renewable energies play a big role. For the conversion of the mentioned gases, plenty of hydrogen is needed. This hydrogen can be won by the means of electrolysis with the help of "green" energy.

The aim is to make CO2 emissions economically viable and thus achieve a climate-relevant CO2 saving effect. Prof. Schlögl, director at the MPI CEC and one of the initiators of the project.

"With Carbon2Chem ® we show how climate protection and competitive steel production can be successfully combined in Germany thanks to research and innovation. This will secure jobs in the steel industry in our country. This secures Germany as an industrial location." Johanna Wanka, former Federal Minister of Education and Research (translated).

The partners from science and industry are building a bridge from basic research to the market with Carbon2Chem ®.

Detailed information on the progress of the project and further details can be found at: FONA und Fraunhofer UMSICHT

Goal and methodology of Carbon2Chem ® explained in a short film of the project partner thyssenkrupp: