Green Talents Awardees at MPI CEC

International exchange of innovative research ideas

[Translate to EN:] Von links nach rechts: Prof. Walter Leitner, Austauschdoktorandin Jayati Trivedi, Postdoc Dr. Jesús Esteban Serrano und PD Dr. Andreas Vorholt

The group 'Multiphase Catalysis', headed by PD Dr. Andreas Vorholt is currently hosting an exchange doctoral student: Jayati Trivedi.

Jayati is a PhD student at the Indian Institute of Petroleum of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in India and winner of the GreenTalents award 2017.

The Green Talents program, sponsored by BMBF, promotes the international exchange of innovative research ideas and gives access to the to the country’s research community to young scientists from different countries and scientific disciplines who are recognized for their "outstanding achievements in making our societies more sustainable".

Within the framework of the program Jayati decided to conduct her research stay at MPI CEC in Mülheim an der Ruhr, where she is working from October 1st to December 15th focusing on her project "Conversion of sugars from biomass for the production of furans in biphasic systems". We are very pleased that she is with us and are happy to support her in her research.

In the 'Multiphase Catalysis' group she is working in close collaboration with Dr. Jesús Esteban Serrano, Postdoc at the institute, who is also a Green Talents awardee honored in 2016 for his "creative innovation behind his research in finding new and improved processes for the valorisation of the glycerol molecule", who is currently pursuing further research on the use of renewable substrates.

Jesús was also awarded the EFCE Excellence Award in Chemical Reaction Engineering in May 2018 for his doctoral thesis.

Both, Jayati and Jesús are good examples of the successful implementation of the Green Talents program. The MPI CEC thus has the opportunity to get to know and collaborate with excellent young scientists.

In addition, Dr. Jesús Esteban Serrano and PD Dr. Andreas J. Vorholt have been invited to deliver a tandem presentation on the activities of the Multiphase Catalysis Group and the Green Talents collaborations at the Green Talents Alumni Networking Conference held at BMBF in Berlin on October 25th.