International Congress on Photobiology

Prof. Silvia Braslavsky, former MPI CEC research group leader, supports scientific exchange with Argentina.

In September the International Congress on Photobiology  (ICP) was held in the National University of Córdoba (the oldest in Argentina, founded 401 years ago). This conference was the 16th in a series sponsored by the International Union of Photobiology (<link http: _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>IUPB) and it was the first time that this Congress was held in the Southern Hemisphere. Prof. Silvia Braslavsky, former MPI CEC research group leader, who chaired the conference, was one of a number of working abroad Argentine scientists who took part in the congress. Their participation was very important for the consolidation of the research ties between Argentine research groups and groups abroad. 

All areas of the interaction of light with the biosphere were covered, such as photosynthesis, photomorphogenesis, photomovement of plants and bacteria, the interaction of UV light with ecosystems, circadian rhythms in plants and animals, vision and light-induced damage to the retina, UV induction of skin cancer, as well as the use of light for the treatment of various illnesses and the photochemistry of xenobiotics and biological molecules. The use of light-based technologies for the study of biological processes and artificial photosynthesis were the subject of various symposia. Many of the subjects treated were directly related to the problems and peculiarities encountered in Latin America. 

The Congress registered around 500 participants from 38 Countries. Nearly 300 of the participants were young fellows (graduate students and young researchers).

The Max Planck Society together with several other German and international institutions supported the conference. Additionally, the support by the Science administration Agencies from Argentina permitted waiving the registration fee of all Argentinian graduate students and several young scientists.

All abstracts of Lectures and posters presented can be found <link http: website wp-content uploads abstractbook.pdf. _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>here