Interview with Prof. Leitner in Evonik's magazine ELEMENTS

Leitner about the Power-to-X-Project of the Kopernikus initiative

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Prof. Walter Leitner recently gave an interview for the Evonik's magazine ELEMENTS in which he explains how the Power-to-X consortium of the Kopernikus Initiative wants to store and use electrical energy from renewable energy sources by converting it into chemical products and fuels.

Prof. Leitner is Chairman of the Coordination Group “P2X: Erforschung, Validierung und Implementierung von „Power-to-X“ Konzepten”.
The Power-to-X consortium units 46 partners like research institutes, industrial companies and social institutions in order to bring together all needed areas of expertise. The objective of Power-to-X is to use, the developed within the project, technologies to convert electricity from renewable sources into physical resources like hydrogen, carbon monoxide and synthesis gas. In a later phase, this project will seek to develop innovation solutions to efficiently store, distribute, and convert into the end-product of the received physical resources. A strong focus in this project is the decarbonisation of the energy system, which is one the strivings of the Federal Government through the Energiewende.