MPI CEC organizes successful Girls'Day 2024

On April 25, 2024, the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion opened its doors for this year's Girls'Day, a nationwide initiative to inspire girls to pursue STEM careers.

Mädchen in einem Workshop am MPI CEC während des Girls'Days.

A total of 32 schoolgirls from the region took part in this inspiring day, which gave them an insight into the world of science and technology.

The day began with a gripping introductory lecture by the chemical engineering doctoral students Frederike Heinen, Hannah Stieber and Lisa Steinwachs on the topic of "Where does it all come from? Chemicals for everyday life". The girls learned how everyday products such as sneakers, T-shirts and even sandwiches depend on the chemical industry and what changes are needed to live more sustainably.

After the lecture, the participants were divided into five different workshops, which offered them practical experience in different areas of science:

  • Workshop 1: "Cold, colder, coldest - low temperatures in the laboratory" led by laboratory technician Bernd Mienert, where the girls carried out experiments on extremely low temperatures and explored absolute zero.
  • Workshop 2:  "EscapeLab" with lab assistants Annika Gurowski and Alina Jakubowski, in which the participants explored the world of chemical and physical measurement methods through puzzles and practical tasks.
  • Workshop 3:  "From Mini to Mega: Girls shape the future in engineering!" led by doctoral students Frederike Heinen, Hannah Stieber, Lisa Steinwachs and Rucha Medhekar, offered insights into engineering through the construction and operation of a small experimental plant.
  • Workshop 4: "The Fascination of Glass", led by glassblower Andrea Tekautschitz, in which the girls learned the art of glassblowing and created their own glass objects.
  • Workshop 5: "Electron microscopy - the world of the very smallest", led by Dr. Daniela Ramermann and lab technician Alin Benice Schöne, imparted knowledge about electron microscopes and the examination of samples such as insects and pollen.

Girls' Day at the Max Planck Institute was a complete success. The enthusiasm and commitment of the girls showed how important and effective such events are in inspiring young women for a future in STEM professions. The feedback from the participants was consistently positive, with many expressing a desire to learn more about opportunities in research.

The event underlines the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion's ongoing commitment to opening the doors to a career in science for young talent and encouraging more women into STEM careers. The Institute is already planning to repeat this inspiring day next year, with even more workshops and career exploration opportunities.