MPI CEC – employees attended XFEL Users' Meeting

Joanna Kowalska and Stefan Hugenbruch at the European XFEL Users' Meeting in Hamburg

Joanna Kowalska and Stefan Hugenbruch took part in the European XFEL Users’ Meeting together with 600 other scientists. A new research facility will arise there: The European XFEL (X-Ray Free-Electron Laser). The construction will generate ultrashort X-ray flashes and will afford new and worldwide unique research opportunities. The European XFEL GmbH started to build the construction in 2009 in cooperation with the research centre DESY and other international organisations and arouses scientist’s interest worldwide from the very beginning.

Because of travel grants the two MPI CEC-employees of Serena DeBeers “X-Ray Spectroscopy”-Group could survey the project’s progress and plan the opportunities for the start of usage in 2017. Besides numerous oral presentations and talks there were workshops about the development and usage of different instruments plus a poster session featuring over 340 presentations.

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