Podcast episode with Prof. Schlögl

CO2 as a recyclable raw material and the pioneering role of Carbon2Chem

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The joint project Carbon2Chem ® aims to show how the climate-damaging gas CO2, which is often a waste product in industry, can be turned into a recyclable raw material.
In the latest episode of the scientific podacst Neutron, Prof. Schlögl, head of the department 'Heterogeneous Reactions' at MPI CEC and co-initiator of Carbon2Chem ®, describes why the project could lay the foundation for many more industries with high greenhouse gas emissions.

Neutron is produced by radio station M94.5, an service of Mediaschool Bayern, and presents listeners with the latest from the world of science.

The German podcast episode „Vom Abgas zum Rohstoff“ (29.01.2021) with Prof. Schlögl can be heard here.

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