Prof. Walter Leitner visiting the 11th International Conference "The Fuel Science Center" in Aachen, Germany

Representatives from science and industry meet to discuss the challenges of developing new fuels from renewable energy and carbon sources

The picture shows our Director Prof. Walter Leitner (middle) and our Max Planck Fellow Prof. Regina Palkovits (2nd from left) together with from left to right Prof. Dr. Ib Chorkendorff (DTU Kopenhagen), Prof. Dr. Javier Pérez-Ramírez (ETH Zürich), Dr. Karsten Wilbrand (Shell), Prof. Dr. Stefan Pischinger (RWTH Aachen), and Matthias Moras (Porsche).

What is the role of liquid energy carriers (bio- and e-fuels) in sustainable energy systems? This timely topic is discussed at the 11th International Conference of the Cluster of Excellence „The Fuel Science Center“ in Aachen.

Scientists from around the world report on the state-of-the art and critically discuss the challenges and opportunities across the entire system „from production to propulsion“.