Publication of Prof. Neese and employees as "Concentrate" in Chemical & Engineering News


Chemical & Engineering News picks up research articles by Prof. Neese

The weekly journal Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) published in its September issue a "Concentrate" article on the research article "A Well-Defined Terminal Vanadium(III) Oxo Complex", which was published in August in the scientific journal Inorganic Chemistry.

The original publication is the result of a collaboration between a team from the University of California Berkeley led by Christopher J. Chang and Jeffrey R. Long and the Molecular Theory and Spectroscopy Department at the MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion led by Prof. Frank Neese.

C&EN is a magazine of the American Chemical Society with a focus on chemistry and chemical engineering and reaches an international audience of experts. In the "Concentrates" section, authors of the magazine pick up current news and publications that stand out from the crowd and dedicate this smaller article to them.

To the "Concentrate" article by Jyllian Kemsley "Terminal Vanadium(III) Oxo Complex Isolated"