Serena DeBeer serving at two Advisory Committees

DeBeer's expertise recognized on a worldwide level

© Australian Synchrotron

© Australian Synchrotron

Prof. Serena's DeBeer expertise in synchrotron radiation techniques and technology were again recognized on a worldwide level as she was invited to serve on two important scientific advisory committees.

This year she became a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Canadian Light Source (CLS). The committee consists of ten members and its' mission is to ensure that the present and future scientific program at the CLS is of the highest quality and meets the needs of the Canadian scientific community. Therefore, the committee provides recommendation on all technical and policy issues to keep the CLS facility as a state-of-the-art national synchrotron radiation center. Another task of this forum is to provide directions on future developments in order to maintain the scientific and technical productivity of the synchrotron. In addition to the above mention functions, the committee reviews the utilization of the facility resources, like usage of the beamlines by users, industrial users or beamline teams as well as the procedures for the review of user proposals and allocation of beam times. The last function is similar to DeBeer's role in the Peer Review Panel of the Diamond Light Source.

The other important panel where Prof. DeBeer is sharing her expertise is MEX (Medium Energy XAS) Beamline Advisory Panel of the Australian Synchrotron. This synchrotron is an important national scientific facility, and therefore got in 2015 a generous financial support from the Australian government for the continuous operation and future development. One of the new planned beamlines is the MEX beamline for X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) and X-ray Fluorescence Microspectroscopy (XFM). The parameters of this beamline supposed to be suitable to perform measurements to probe very important elements (i.e. S, P, Si, Cl) of chemical, biochemical and environmental samples. The mission of the advisory committee is to provide recommendation on logistic and technical matters to design and build an optimized and efficient beamline. Prof. DeBeer is not only a worldwide-recognized expert in application of X-ray based spectroscopy to chemical and biological systems; she is also the initiator and group leader of the PINK beamline at the BESSY II synchrotron in Berlin. These expertises make Prof. DeBeer definitely a valuable member of this advisory panel.