Statement of the ESYS Academy Project

Academies of Science call for a rethink

Too many fossil fuels, too little progress: Germany will clearly miss its climate targets if it continues as before. The initiative "Energy Systems of the Future" (Energiesysteme der Zukunft - ESYS) states that it is only through a clear change of course to more sector coupling that the goals can be achieved in the long term. In a statement entitled 'Sektorkopplung - options for the next phase of the energy transition', acatech, Leopoldina and Akademienunion call for a stronger link between the electricity, heat and transport sectors and for more renewables to be integrated into the system. As a central control element, they advocate a uniform CO2 price.

In the joint initiative "Energy Systems of the Future" (ESYS), around 100 energy experts from science and research are working on options for implementing a secure, affordable and sustainable energy supply.
Prof. Schlögl, Director at the MPI CEC, is an important and active member of the academy project.

A detailed article on the statement, which summarizes the results of the ESYS annual event 'Energie.System.Wende.' can be found on