Summer School "Spectroscopy and Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Complexes"

22.09-28.09.2024 | Now open for application

Participants of the Summer School 2023.

The departments Inorganic Spectroscopy of Prof. DeBeer at the MPI CEC and Molecular Theory and Spectroscopy of Prof. Neese at the MPI für Kohlenforschung are organising a Summer School again this year:

Spectroscopy and Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Complexes
September 22-28, 2024

The summer school will combine a series of lectures with practical computational sessions and laboratory visits. The lectures will address a broad range of topics related to spectroscopy and computational chemistry. The practical sessions will be focused both on fundamental pen-and-paper problems and on the use of computational tools for spectroscopic simulations and for quantum chemical calculations. Significant emphasis will be placed on the use of the ORCA package for quantum chemical calculations of spectroscopic properties. Small groups of students will also be able to visit the spectroscopy laboratories of the participating Max Planck Institutes.

Participants should already be familiar with the fundamentals of transition metal and coordination chemistry, spectroscopy, and quantum chemistry at an advanced undergraduate level. Familiarity with the basic working practices of computational chemistry is required.

The Summer School on Spectroscopy and Electronic Structure of Transition Metal Complexes is jointly organized by the Mülheim Max-Planck Institutes. It follows on a series of highly popular and successful past editions and is scheduled for September 22nd to 28th 2024. It will take place on the Mülheim Chemistry Campus, Germany.

More information on the Summer School and on how to apply can be found on the Summer School Website.