Alwin Mittasch Prize for Martin Muhler

Award for outstanding work in catalysis research

Prof. Dr. Martin Muhler, Fellow at MPI CEC, was awarded DECHEMA's Alwin Mittasch Prize 2023 earlier this month for his outstanding work in catalysis research.
The prize recognises Muhler's fundamental contributions to the cross-scale understanding of the mode of action of catalyst materials in chemical reactions for future-oriented technologies.

The €10,000 prize is awarded for outstanding research that has led to a deeper understanding or extension of the fundamentals of catalysis and its industrial application.

In 2015, Prof. Robert Schlögl, former director of the MPI CEC, was also awarded the Alwin Mittasch Prize.

Detailed information on Martin Muhler and his research group can be found here and also in the DECHEMA press release (German only).