Dr. Nicolas Kaeffer is awarded the Junior Researcher Prize of the Energy transversal division of the French Chemical Society (SCF)

The prize recognizes the work of Nicolas Kaeffer in the field of molecular catalysis for solar-to-chemical energy conversion

Junior researcher prize winner Dr. Nicolas Kaeffer

The Junior Researcher Prize of the Energy transversal division of the French Chemical Society (SCF) is awarded to a young researcher who has made an original scientific contribution and/or one with significant practical implications in the field of chemistry and that is also related to the field of energy in a broad sense.

This distinction recognizes the works of Nicolas Kaeffer in the field of molecular catalysis applied to solar-to-chemical energy conversion for the production of green hydrogen and also for the transformation of CO2 and organic building blocks into high value-added products, in the perspective of a CO2 circular economy.

Following a PhD thesis conducted under the supervision of Dr V. Artero (UGA, Grenoble, France) and postdoctoral works in the group of Prof. C. Copéret (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) Nicolas Kaeffer has joined since 2020 the Department of Molecular Catalysis led by Prof. W. Leitner at MPI-CEC as a group leader in Organometallic Electrocatalysis.

Further Information: https://new.societechimiquedefrance.fr/divisions/energie/prix-et-laureats-energie/