Ernst Haage Award Ceremony 2014

Ernst Haage Award Ceremony 2014: The MPI CEC awarded two extraordinary scientists for their success in the field of energy research.

On Monday, December 8th, the Ernst Haage Award ceremony took place at the MPI CEC. Dr. Martin H.G. Prechtl was given the national Ernst Haage Prize for his new approaches in catalysis research. He has recently developed the selective production of dihydrogen and CO2 from reaction of formaldehyde with water at low temperature, thus providing an attractive system for molecular hydrogen storage, with the hydrogen being formed from both formaldehyde and water, via methanediol. This process is catalyzed by a ruthenium complex that he has developed. „I am really honored to receive this very special prize and grateful that the MPI CEC and the Ernst Haage foundation support young scientists“, said Dr. Prechtl when receiving his award. 


Dr. Katharina Weber was awarded the Ernst Haage Prize for Doctoral Students for her immensely important results in the field of hydrogenase research. She has already been able to publish several articles in renowned journals and was honored for her work at various international conferences. 



„It is a great pleasure for our institute to have the opportunity to support young and aspiring scientific careers with the help of the Ernst Haage foundation. At the same time we are happy to further promote Mülheim as an attractive science location,“ Prof. Neese, Director at the MPI CEC, stated.