Institute members at the EuCheMS Chemistry Congress 2018

Prof. Leitner invited as keynote speaker

The 7th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress: Molecular frontiers & global challenges is going to take place 26-23 August 2018 in Liverpool, UK. Prof. Walter Leitner (Dept. of Molecular Catalysis) is one of the invited keynote speakers at this event.

The EuCheMS Chemistry Congress is an internationally recognized forum for the chemical science that covers a wide selection of topics including catalysis, advances in organic and inorganic chemistry, physical and analytical chemistry and many more. This congress brings together chemists from all other the world and provides a professional background to exchange knowledge and discuss new ideas in chemistry.

Prof. Leitner will deliver a keynote lecture entitled Metal Nanoparticles on Supported Ionic Liquid Phase Catalysts (M@SILP) - A Molecular Approach to Multifunctional Catalytic Systems, in which he is going to present his group's work on the design and the synthesis of metal nanoparticles immobilized on supported ionic liquid phases.

At the same congress, during the Homogenous Catalysis session, Dr. Oriol Martínez Ferraté a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Dr. Christopne Werlé (Organometallic Electrocatalysis) will present the recent results of his research topic. In his contributing talk entitled Aminotriazole Mn (I) Complex as Cheap and Efficient Catalyst for Reducing Reactions, Oriol is going to present the synthetic approaches of some aminotriazole derivatives that can be applied as ligands in the synthesis of Mn(II) complexes. This is in particular an important topic as these complexes can be further utilized in the transfer hydrogenation and CO2 reduction processes.