MYSTIIC: New X-ray microscope at BESSY II

Scanning transmission X-ray microscope at the Energy Materials in situ Lab (EMIL)

The first image taken by MYSTIIC: a standard image used to calibrate and measure the resolution of the new STXM. © Lunkenbein/FHI

EMIL (Energy Materials In-Situ Laboratory) in Berlin is a core facility of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB).
The worldwide unique facility at the synchrotron light source BESSY II is jointly operated by HZB and MPG and stands for state-of-the-art synthesis capabilities as well as in-situ and in-operando X-ray analysis of materials and devices for energy conversion, energy storage and energy efficiency.

A new X-ray microscope recently went into operation. In collaboration with the Department of Inorganic Chemistry at the Fritz Haber Institute, headed by Prof. Robert Schlögl, the scanning transmission X-ray microscope called MYSTIIC has been developed. It is particularly suitable for resolving questions related to energy materials research and environmental sciences.

Detaild information about MYSTIIC can be found on FHI Website.