Poster prizes for Hanna Hinrika Cramer and Vishal Chugh

4th International Green Catalysis Symposium (GreenCat 2022)

The posters of Vishal Chugh (left photo, 2nd from right) and Hanna Hinrika Cramer (right photo) were awarded prizes at the 4th International Symposium on Green Catalysis (GreenCat 2022) in France.

Poster prizes were awarded to Vishal Chugh and Hanna Hinrika Cramer at the 4th International Green Catalysis Symposium (GreenCat 2022), held from April 19-22 in Rennes, France. Vishal Chugh is a graduate student in the Max Planck Research Group Synergistic Organometallic Catalysis of Dr. Christophe Werlé and received an award for his poster titled: “An Adaptive Rhodium Catalyst to Control the Hydrogenation Network of Nitroarenes” sponsored by Aditya Gottumukkala. Hanna Hinrika Cramer is currently studying for her Ph.D. at the Department of Molecular Catalysis under the supervision of Dr. Christophe Werlé and Prof. Walter Leitner. Her poster on “Selectivity Control in the Catalytic Reduction of CO2 to Formic Acid, Formaldehyde, and Methanol Derivatives” won the EurJOC (European Journal of Organic Chemistry) poster prize.

During GreenCat 2022, scientists from all over the world presented their findings on catalysis applied to heterogeneous and homogeneous systems for sustainable applications. The research panel covered a wide range of topics, including renewable energy conversion, biomass valorization, polymerization and biodegradable polymers, and catalysis.