Prof. Yonas Chebude visits MPI CEC

Ethiopia project and cooperation with Addis Ababa University continue.

Prof. Yonas Chebude (2nd from right) from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia visited MPI CEC in early August 2022.

Prof. Walter Leitner, Head of the Department of Molecular Catalysis, and his team were delighted to receive a visit from Prof. Yonas Chebude, Head of the Department of Chemistry at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia and cooperation partner in the "Ethiopia Project" of the two research institutions. Prof. Chebude and his team are conducting intensive research in Ethiopia on the conversion of biomass into chemically usable products.

The cooperation with Addis Ababa University, which is mainly about the use of regional resources in Ethiopia according to the principles of Green Chemistry, is very important to Prof. Leitner. Prof. Leitner is an honorary member of the chemical association in Ethiopia and had initiated the cooperation in 2019 together with Prof. Yonas Chebude. Prof. Leitner and the entire MPI CEC are pleased that the collaboration will become more intensive again after two quieter years.

Visits of this kind and reciprocal stays of doctoral students and technical staff at the respective institutes of the cooperation partners are to take place more frequently again in the future and after the Corona break, in order to intensify and further expand the scientific and intercultural exchange.

Prof. Yonas Chebude's visit was linked to his participation as Session Chair at the Green Chemistry Gordon Conference.