Progress at the European XFEL

Dr. Nyrow attended XFEL Users' Meeting

All participants of this years XFEL Users' Meeting

Dr. Alexander Nyrow, Postdoc in Prof. Serena DeBeer's research group '<link internal link in current>X-Ray Spectroscopy', took part in this year's European XFEL Users' Meeting where scientists discuss the progress of the European XFEL, a research facility currently under construction in the Hamburg area, Germany.

The whole meeting consists of three more or less independent parts: the XFEL Users Meeting (first day), the FLASH Users meeting (second day), and DESY Photon Science meeting (last day).

This year, the number of participants exceeded 900. Related to last year's <link http: news _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>report at the MPI CEC webpage, first beamline buildings are ready and now it is time to start installing the first bulky parts of the free electron laser (undulators, schickanes, cavities, etc.).

Furthermore, some scientists, which will perform their experiments during the beamline comissioning phase, presented the results they achieved at other sources in order to show what kind of science they will be able to do at XFEL, which should start operating in 2017. On the second day, Dr. Nyrow visited several very interesting satellite meetings during the afternoon. He attended in the DESY EXAFS meeting, where some selected specialists reported about future instrumental facilities of the experimental station at the PETRA extention as well as recent progress in data analysis for X-ray absorption spectroscopy. On the last afternoon there was a big poster session. Dr. Nyrow used this platform to discuss his future projects with XFEL and PETRA employees.

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