Research project by Max Planck Fellow Regina Palkovits honored as "Project of the Century"

The CHF 100 million award marks the start of a new WSS research center for a circular economy in chemistry

The Werner Siemens Foundation's "project of the century", endowed with CHF 100 million, has been chosen: a team led by Max Planck Fellow Prof. Regina Palkovits and her colleague Jürgen Klankermayer from RWTH Aachen University.

To mark its 100th anniversary, the Swiss Werner Siemens Foundation (WSS) announced an ideas competition for the establishment of a WSS research center to research and develop technologies for the sustainable use of resources. Last year, the team led by Palkovits and Klankermayer was selected as one of six finalists out of 123 submitted ideas and has now received the award as the winner.

In the new WSS research center, the team's scientists are developing catalytically driven processes for a multidimensional chemical recycling economy to enable efficient recycling of plastic mixtures.
The WSS is providing the center with 100 million CHF spread over ten years.

We would like to congratulate Regina Palkovits, who has been a Max Planck Fellow at the MPI CEC since 2019, Jürgen Klankermayer and the entire team on this fantastic, well-deserved award!