Fundamental research for the energy transition

Following Max Planck's motto "Insight must precede application", fundamental science at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion creates a comprehensive understanding of the active sites of catalysts that are essential for the interconversion of energy and chemical bonds.

Inorganic Spectroscopy
Prof. Serena DeBeer

Molecular Catalysis
Prof. Walter Leitner


Heterogeneous Reactions
Prof. Robert Schlögl


Opens pathways to important products using carbon dioxide from waste streams or the atmosphere along with bio-based feedstocks

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Award for outstanding work in catalysis research

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TU Darmstadt and University of Messina confer the honors on the emeritus professor

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The former director at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion took office as president at the beginning of 2023

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At MPI CEC, researches from the departments, Max Planck Research Groups, Max Planck Fellows, Scientific Service Groups and the Joint Workspace work hand in hand. They aim at understanding selected chemical reactions, in order to improve and develop catalytical systems and therefore contribute to the transformation of the energy system. Research at MPI CEC

Hydrogen research

Hydrogen (H2) plays an important role in the transformation of our energy system and is enormously important for the decarbonization of all sectors. The MPI CEC researches the potential of hydrogen, its production as well as its storage and utilization possibilities. more

Research Groups

Max Planck Research Groups are an excellent qualification opportunity for junior scientists who have completed their doctorates and enjoy an independent status within the Max Planck Institute. There are currently four Max Planck Research Group Leaders at the MPI CEC: Dr. Viktor Čolić, Dr. George Cutsail III, Dr. Christophe Werlé and Prof. Dr. Thomas Wiegand.


A continuously updated list of all publications by scientists of the MPI CEC, starting from 2012, can be found under publications.

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IMPRS-RECHARGE 4th Symposium
“Advanced Catalysis and Materials for Energy Conversion“ - ACAMEC

April 24th-27th 2023, MPI für Kohlenforschung more