Dr. Sebastian Beil - Elektrosynthese und Photokatalyse


B.Sc. Christian Albrechts University of Kiel (2010-2013)
M.Sc. Christian Albrechts University of Kiel (2013-2015)
Ph.D. Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz (2015-2019)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Ulm (2019-2020)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Princeton University, USA (2020-2021)
Assistant Professor University of Groningen, Netherlands (2021-2024)
Group Leader MPI CEC (since 2024)



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Forschung in der Arbeitsgruppe "Elektrosynthese und Photokatalyse"

In our lab we develop new redox transformations fueled by visible light or directly at electrodes. These readily available methods are combined with abundant transition metal catalysis thus allowing the synthesis of complex molecules in a mild and straightforward fashion.

Further information will follow soon.

external website: Beil Lab