Mülheim an der Ruhr

Mülheim offers a variety of interesting and attractive locations, inviting visitors to enjoy a stroll around the city by the river Ruhr. From the Old Town up to the Water Station, visitors can spend an entertaining time and explore many different areas of beauty and interest.

Website: Sightseeing in Mülheim
Flyer: SEHENSWERT (what to see in and around Mülheim)

Tours through the city & the „Ruhrgebiet“

The city of Mülheim offers several tours for tourists and new citizens. Group of min. 10 persons can also book guided bus or boat tours.

River Ruhr

The river Ruhr offers a lot of opportunities for sports and recreation. You can get a guided boat trip on the Ruhr with the „Weiße Flotte“ („white fleet“) or you explore the Ruhr on an entertaining rowing-trip on one of the nicest parts of the river between Essen-Kettiwg and Mülheim Waterstation.

Music, Theater & Culture

Information on theaters or museums in Mülheim, festivals, the countryside and river, parks and castles are summed up in the flyer „Welcome to the City“. You will also find tips what to do in the Ruhr Area. We can highly recommend:

Camera Obscura (Mülheim)
Zeche Zollverein (Essen)
Gasometer (Oberhausen)
Route of Industrial Heritage described as the „symbiosis of industry, culture and nature”
Night of Industrial Culture


  • Paddling
  • Cycling (see for example the Ruhrtalweg)
  • Dragon boat

There are several soccer clubs, of course, which you can join, but also some areas where you can play American Football or field hockey. You can get an overview about the sportive opportunities in Mülheim here.