Three different types of talks will be given. Four keynote lectures will be given by highly renowned scholars, that focus on recent research developments of one spectroscopy method in detail for 60 minutes. Five invited talks will be given by speakers who will present their work in 45 minutes. Moreover, an industry talk is planned in this sector to emphasise the broad range of application possibilities for spectroscopic methods. Finally, participants can apply to give a contributed talk, which should last 20 minutes and of which nine topics will be chosen.

Special program points will be the poster presentation of participants, where we want to foster the scientific exchange. Therefore, PDF-files of the posters will be available on a website and interested viewers can join a break-out session with the author.

Also, a virtual excursion to the instruments at the CEC to show the practical use of the presented methods in everyday scientific life will be part of the schedule. Videos will be recorded prior to the conference and then made available, which explain the method and handling of X-ray, EPR and Mößbauer spectroscopy.

Find the preliminary program (.pdf) here.